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Peer Reviewed:

Sunday, JM, KE Fabricius, KJ Kroeker, KM Anderson, NE Brown, JP Barry, SD Connell, S Dupont, B Gaylord, JM Hall-Spencer, T Klinger, M Milazzo, PL Munday, BD Russell, E Sanford, V Thiyagarajan, MLH Vaughan, S Widdicombe, and CDG Harley. (2016) Ocean acidification can mediate biodiversity shifts by changing biogenic habitat. Nature Climate Change. (pdf)

Heldt KA, Connell SD, Anderson KM, Russell BD, and P Munguia. (2016) Sexual selection stimulates population out-breaks by relaxing constraints on reproduction. Scientific Reports 6: 33383. (pdf)

Brian Gaylord, Kristy J. Kroeker, Jennifer M. Sunday, Kathryn M. Anderson, James P. Barry, Norah E. Brown, Sean D. Connell, Sam Dupont, Katharina E. Fabricius, Jason M. Hall-Spencer, Terrie Klinger, Marco Milazzo, Philip L. Munday, Bayden D. Russell, Eric Sanford, Sebastian J. Schreiber, Vengatesen Thiyagarajan, Megan L. H. Vaughan, Steven Widdicombe, and Christopher D. G. Harley (2015) Ocean acidification through the lens of ecological theory. Ecology 96, 3-15. (invited review; pdf)

Vellend M, Srivastava D, Anderson KM, Brown C, Jankowski J, Kleynhans E, Kraft N, Letaw A, MacDonald A, Maclean J, Myers-Smith I, Norris A, Xue X. (2014) Assessing the relative importance of neutral stochasticity in ecological communities. Oikos 123 (12), 1420-1430 (pdf)

Brodie J, Williamson C, Smale D, Kamenos N, Mieszkowska N, Santos R, Cunliffe M, Steinke M, Yesson C, Anderson KM, Asnaghi V, Brownlee C, Burdett H, Burrows M, Collins S, Donohue P, Harvey B, Foggo A, Noisette F, Nunes J, Ragazzola F, Raven JA, Schmidt D; Smith/Suggett D, Teichberg M, and J Hall-Spencer. (2014) The future of the NE Atlantic benthic flora in a high CO2 world. Ecology and Evolution 4 (13), 2787-2798.  DOI: 10.1002/ece3.1105 (pdf)

Harley CDG, Anderson KM, Lebreton CAM, MacKay A, Chong SL, Pond LM, Amerongen Maddison JH, Hung BHC, Iverson SL, and DCM Wong. 2013. Non-native Littorina littorea in British Columbia, Canada: distribution, potential impacts, and probability of successful establishment. Marine Biology 160:1529–1541. DOI 10.1007/s00227-013-2206-8 (pdf)

Harley CDG, Anderson KM, Coyle T, Demes K, Jorve JP, Kordas RL, and M Graham. 2012. Effects of climate change on global seaweed communities. Journal of Phycology 48, 1064–1078. DOI: 10.1111/j.1529-8817.2012.01224.x (pdf)

Book Chapters:

Jorve, JP, Kordas RL, Anderson KM, Nelson J, Picard M, and CDG Harley. (2014) Climate change in coastal marine ecosystems. The Encyclopedia of Natural Resources: Air. Taylor & Francis, New York. p. 969-973. Find it here.


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