Affiliated Labs and Programs:
Harley Lab (Home Lab)
UBC Zoology
Biodiversity Research Center
Bamfield Marine Science Center
Marine Environment Research UBC
University of British Columbia

Course Webpages:
Experimental Biology of Invertebrates (UBC Biol 326)

Ausralian Supervisors:
Sean Connell
Bayden Russell

Excellent Field Programs:
Bamfield Marine Science Center, University Programs
Three Seas Program

International Temperate Reefs Symposium
Western Society of Naturalists
Benthic Ecology Meeting
Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference

Cool Stuff:
Anecdotal Evidence: Stories about Science
The Madreporite (BMSC Blog)
Marine Ecology Academic Family Tree
Jeremy Long’s YouTube Chanel (Ecology Music Videos)

Job Boards I Like:
Society for Conservation Biology
Texas A&M-Wildlife and Fisheries
Ecological Society of America
Sitka Careers*

*Sitka Careers offers more than just regular job postings on facebook, they offer complete career consulting for early stage scientist. They are a very unique organization run by very smart people. For more info, visit their full webpage at


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