About Me

Kat photoI am a Research Associate working at The Chinese University Of Hong Kong.

My research focuses on understanding how changes in individual performance and demography scale up to alter community composition and diversity. In addition to my research, I am passionate about using live storytelling to increase the accessibility of science by improving the relatability of scientists.


(July 2021) My apologies for the out of date website. Check back in September 2021 for a full update. Thanks!

(Oct 2017) I have successfully defended my thesis and it is now available through the UBC library online! Read it here! More updates to come!

(Nov 2016) We just had a paper come out in Nature Climate Change on how ocean acidifaction causes changes to biodiversity through impacting important biogenic habitat (lead author: Jenn Sunday).  Such an honor to be a part of that team! Read it here!

(Jan 2016)For those of you who didn’t already know, I am the executive producer of Anecdotal Evidence: Stories about Science, a local science storytelling series. Please check us out at anecdotalevidence.ca.

Email: kat.anderson@wsu.edu

Twitter: @KatMAnderson

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